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Tampa PreventingAbuseConference

Tampa P

On Human Trafficking, DrugCartels, Abduction, Internet and more

Empowers, equips community to help women and children

Tampa Florida  (April 28, 2014)– A unique conference presented by the PreventingAbuse Foundation to help women and children, and much more.

                   Tampa PreventingAbuseConference 

On Human Trafficking, DrugCartels, Abduction, Internet, Foster Care and more   Empowers, equips community to help women and children
We Will Focus on Solutions Protecting Women, Children and Families

“…I want to start by thanking Tony Nassif for his continued work for putting on this –[PreventingAbuse]conference…”

                                                U. S. Senator Marco Rubio
“It is important what you are doing…thanks for walking on the sides of the angels.
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

                                                The Rescue:
Many lives have been saved and changed through the PreventingAbuseConference.

At one Preventing Abuse Conference a man walked up to our conference speaker, Noreen Gosch, asking for help rescuing his daughter.   Noreen said she could help.  A few weeks later the man wrote Noreen s

Don’t ever stop talking about human trafficking…I got my daughter”

It was the PreventingAbuseConference that connected Noreen and the father resulting in  the rescue of the young child. See attached
1,200,000 children reported missing in America
Over 35,000 children reported missing in Florida in 2013
Hundreds of thousands of children prostituted in America
DrugCartels infiltration of America
Pornography addiction/connection to trafficking

CONFERENCE:   PreventingAbuseConference
CONFERENCE DATES:   June 13, 14, 2014
LOCATION: TampaAirportMarriott
CITY:   Tampa, Florida
REGISTRATION & INFORMATION:  or call 323-851-3872

The two day conference includes speakers locally and from across the country.  Experts, survivors, key law enforcement, and organizations, will present ways to help audience members become more aware of the prevalence and danger of human trafficking, drugcartels, child abduction and more pointing to solutions.   The purpose is to educate,  motivate and activate the attendees to be part of the solution.

Speakers include
U.S. DefenseDepartment
U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (video)
Lt. Mejia (drugcartel expert)
Law enforcement,
Rescued victims of predators and traffickers.
Survivors (Connie Rose, Lyndsay Wrensen and others)
Baz, Former C.I.A. doing deep rescues,
Ric Lumbard, Wind and Fire, Restoring victims to humanity
Donna Rice Hughes Internet safetyexpert,
ParentsTelevisionCouncil entertainment industry experts,
Dawn Hawkins Morality in Media (pornography connection to trafficking)
Noreen Gosch (mother of kidnapvictim helped found National Center for Missing and Exploited Children),
Saving Innocents—Deborah Sigmund
Dr. Judith Reisman counseled several presidential administrations regarding impact of pornography on the brain, Shared Hope International, expert on child trafficking, U.S. Attorneys
Porchlight Homes for Children (Florida Baptist Childrens Home)
Morality in Media
Toma Lares,
Michele Akins  State Child Abuse Death Review Committee
Elizabeth Melindez-Fisher-Selah Freedom
JoyGreen – Aglow
Lisa Young
Deborah Hart–Timothy Plan
Terry Kemple
Kathy Gibson
many other local organizations & many more.

Participants will learn about the stunning world of human trafficking and take home information to help start protecting themselves and loved ones.

Topics include:

  • Human Trafficking:  The Problem and Solutions   · Child AbductionandSafety
  • InternetSafety            · Legislation Initiatives       Media * DrugCartels in America
  • Pornography:  Experts “Expose” the Truth   · Moral collapse feeding thedemand
  • NationalSecurity          ·Entertainment industry involvement and much more

            Human trafficking is the second largest illegalmoney-maker in the world, next to selling illegaldrugs. National movements have sprung up across the county to fortify communities against the travesties of trafficking, including Florida which is a high level center for trafficking activity.  Drugcartels have infiltrated the U.S.,  hundreds of thousands of children prostituted in America.

Space is Limited–Register Today

To register and for information please go to
or call 323-851-3872
Exhibitor/ Co-sponsorship opportunities available–see attached

It is VERY VERY important for your members to attend.  The conference flier is attached so that it can be downloaded and attached

Special thanks to Timothy Plan, AFA, and all supporters
Tony Nassif
Preventing Abuse Foundation


Tony Nassif, Founder/President is now available for interviews


Empowers & Equips to Help Protect Women and Children

1,200,000 children reported missing in America annually

Over 35,000 children reported missing in Florida in 2013

Nearly 27,000,000 victims of human trafficking globally===Child pornography is the fastest growing on the Internet—-Drug cartels have infiltrated the United States

Sexual harassment claims accelerating in the military


Tampa Florida, (May 3, 2014)  – A unique conference sponsored by the Preventing Abuse Foundation is set for June 13,14, 2014, at the Tampa Airport Marriott  Hotel in Tampa, Florida to help protect women and children drawing attention to resources that fight human trafficking, child abduction, cartels, and Internet predators.

The two day conference includes guest speakers locally and from across the country.  Experts, survivors, key law enforcement, and organizations, will present ways to help audience members become more aware of the problems and solutions.

SPEAKER LIST (PARTIAL): U.S. Defense Department (confirmed) Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (confirmation pending) Lt. Oscar Mejia (drugcartel expert) Former C.I.A. doing deep cover rescues, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (video) Drew Kesse, father of Jennifer Kesse
ParentsTelevision Council,—entertainment industry impact, Dawn Hawkins–Morality in Media—connection between pornography and trafficking—Law enforcement, Donna Rice Hughes Internet safety expert, Parents Television Council, Noreen Gosch (mother of kidnap victim & instrumental in founding the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) & many local organizations will speak about their work,more.

TOPICS INCLUDE (subject to change):   Human Trafficking:  Child Abduction and Safety  * Foster Care        *Importance of the Church             Legislation Initiatives

 National Security      Pornography addiction/link to trafficking  Moral collapse

Entertainment industry * What  fuels the demand for victims * Survivor &restoration


Date:  June 13, 14, 2014                    Place:  Tampa Airport Marriott     

Time:  8:30 AM to 4:30 PM each day (subject to change

Cost:   89.00 per person early bird rate includes two day conference and two lunches

To register and for information on speakers and topics, please visit   


FOR INTERVIEWS CONTACT:  Tony Nassif  323-851-3872

Tampa Preventing Abuse Conference

To Educate, Motivate and Activate 

February 11, 2014
Contact: Dawn Hawkins

Seamless Connections Between Pornography and Sex Trafficking Highlighted in New Website

Morality in Media launches

Washington, DC – Morality in Media is excited to announce today’s launch of, a site dedicated to educating about the major factor creating and driving demand for trafficked women and children – pornography. The site will bring together research, expert testimony and personal accounts to help the public understand that there is a seamless connection between both forms of exploitation.

Morality in Media’s will provide advocates and organizations with actions they can take to help curb the demand for sex trafficking. Education materials, research, quotes, and videos, as well as stories from survivors, demonstrate the link between pornography and sex trafficking. MIM invites advocates to use any materials on the website in the fight to end sexual exploitation.

“This new website has been a labor of love. We really hope it affects people, educating them and showing that there is something we can do to curb the demand for buying women and children,” said Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of Morality in Media. “The links are real. The demand caused by pornography traps people in trafficking daily.”

Links between pornography and sex trafficking include: porn-users often seek to act out what they have viewed in pornography; pornography is often used as a training tool to show victims how to perform; pimps often use pornography to advertise their victims and to make more money; trafficking takes place within the mainstream porn industry.

Founded in 1962, Morality in Media, Inc. is the leading national organization dedicated to opposing pornography through education about its illegality and harms by highlighting the links to sex trafficking, violence against women, child abuse and addiction.


Morality in Media – 1100 G St., NW Washington, DC 20005

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Disclaimer: If you do not wish to receive further news/releases from Morality in Media EST, please click the following link: [Remove Me]. Requests will take a maximum of 2 business days to process.

Contact information: Dawn Hawkins, Morality in Media EST, 1100 G Street NW, #1030, Washington, 20005




JANUARY 17, 2014
We often hear of “spread the wealth” a communist/socialist buzz “word” and the phrase “income equality”.  The truth of the matter is that both threaten the national seccurity of the United States.
My father was 12 years old when he came from Lebanon.  He quit school in the eighth grade to work.  Because of the capitalist economics of America his hard work, faith in God and philanthropy made him prosper as a businessman, real estate developer and entrepeneur.
I personally started a business with 250.00 and semi retired in 6 1/2 years.  Now I use my money tofight human trafficking of which our success is remarkable.
In 1982 I was sent to the Soviet Union.  When conversing with a communist Read the rest of this entry »

Top Scandal


I think of the following Scriptures we all would do well to consider

When a king [government leader] hearkens (commits) to lies all his servants are wicked (Proverbs 29:12)

Lying lips are abomination to the Lord but they who deal truly are His delight  (Proverbs 12:22)

The devil is the father of lies—what does that say about those who knowingly and consistently lie?

he is a liar, and the father thereof.

You [the Pharisees] belong to your father, the devil, ,,,,When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

                                                                                                John 8:44

A Call for Righteousness:

We, the American people, must uphold strong moral accountability from our government leaders regardless of what political party they represent.   Otherwise we are a step away from totalitarianism.  Remember Adolph Hitler, the Communists and other tyrants.

A Christmas Blessing


Tony Nassif



Several years ago there was a man about to read his Bible.  The Lord suddenly commanded him to read the Christmas story in Luke 2:1-7.

“And it came to pass in those days that there went out

                        a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should

                        be taxed…And all went to be taxed, every one into his own

                        city.  And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city

                        of Nazareth into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called  Bethlehem (because he was of the house and lineage of David)

                        to be taxed with Mary his  wife, being great with child. 

                        And so it was that, while they were there, the days were

                        accomplished that she should be delivered and she brought forth her firstborn son…”

This edict caused the family to go to Bethlehem thus fulfilling the prophecy of

Micah 5:2:

“and thou Bethlehem Ephratah though thou be little among

                        the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth

                        unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have

                        been from of old, from everlasting.”


Then the Lord asked the gentleman“How can you apply this Scripture to your personal life?”

He replied:         “Well it shows that Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of Micah 5:2

                                    that the Messiah would come from Bethlehem”

The Lord responded:  “Yes but how can you take this Scripture and apply it to your personal life today?”

After thinking for a while the man said:  “Lord, I don’t just don’t know.”

God spoke:  “When Caesar moved the entire empire I was the one who made him do it (upon hearing this the gentleman recalled the words in the Book of Daniel saying that God reigns in the affairs of man and in Romans chapter 13 saying that the powers that be are ordained of God).

Caesar had no desire to be obedient to Me.  In fact Caesar considered himself to be god.  But I the Lord moved him to move the empire.

Why did I do such a thing?  Why didn’t I just tell Joseph to take Mary to Bethlehem in order to fulfill the prophecy?  A prophecy to the “smallest of Judah”.

After all, I spoke to him to take Mary to be his wife.  I spoke to him to go to Egypt.  Why would I move an entire empire to fulfill one prophecy to such a seemingly insignificant village?

The gentleman said:   Please speak on I’m listening.

Then the profound blessing of God’s love and wisdom came forth.

God said:  I moved an entire empire to fulfill one prophecy to the least of the  thousands of Judah.  How much more will I move heaven and earth to fulfill one promise to those for whom I was crucified?

*     *      *     *     *     *

            “He who contains all things is, Himself, contained in the womb of a virgin”

                        Orthodox Christian Nativity Prayer Service



Voting:God’s Mandate


Tony Nassif


1.  IN GOD’S EYES:   Every Christian will vote in this election.  We vote by our ballot or by our silence.  If we vote by “silence” we withhold our moral values giving strength to those that are contrary.

2.  LAW OF SUBJECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY::  When Pharaoh refused God’s command through Moses he was the only one to sin however, the plagues fell on the whole nation of Egypt—and they didn’t have a voice in their government

3.  Our vote is an extension of ourselves for good or evil:

“If anyone comes to you and brings not this doctrine you are not to wish them “God           speed” for in so doing you become a partaker of their evil deeds”

II John 10,11

4.  THE VOTE THE “TALENT” :  The vote is as the gift of the “talent” in Matthew chapter 25.  The lazy servant hid it and thought he was doing good.   Yet the Master was angry because he hid it.  He called him “lazy” and “wicked”.  He suffered great loss.

5.  FAITH WITHOUT WORKS:  Many say we must pray without lifting the hand to pull the voting lever.  When Moses was at the Red Sea with Pharoah coming fast he prayed to God.  God responded saying “Why are you praying to me?  Take the rod, lift it up, stretch it out and you part the sea.”

So it is today.  All our prayers will fall on the ground if we do not mix it with action.  God gave us the governmental system whereby we can choose our leaders.  He will respond to our actions.

6.  ELECTION & GOD’S MANDATE:  When Moses and Israel crossed the Red Sea God inspired Jethro to tell Moses to choose out judges.  He later gave him the qualifications of who to choose but he never told him WHO to choose.

About Tony Nassif:    He is the president and founder of the Cedars Cultural and Educational Foundation and the Preventing Abuse Conferences on human trafficking, child abduction, and Internet Safety.  He is the author of Jesus, Politics and the Church and has been interviewed to many organizations and conferences as well as over 200 programs including:  Family News in Focus from Focus on the Family, Todays Issues from American Family Radio, Trinity Broadcasting Network, VOICE of AMERICA INTERNATIONAL and FOX NEWS to mention a few.  To schedule a speaking engagement please call 323-851-3872

                                                                            Preventing Abuse Foundation     Gala & Dinner

Please Join us on

Saturday, November 16,                           2013 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Galpin Premiere Collection in Los Angeles, California

Help Protect Children and Families

1,200,000 Children Reported Missing in America Annually

Nearly 30,000,000 Human Trafficking Victims

                                                                                                                        Speakers Include


Lt. Oscar Mejia — Drug Cartel Expert

Pat Boone

Ted Baehr, Founder of MovieGuide

Nicole Smolens–Star of 8 Days (about a trafficking victim and her escape)

Ken Shaeffer, Homeland Security Agent Just returned from Afghanistan

Michael Reagan, Fox Contributor, Child and Family Advocate and survivor

Univision Los Angeles Television  Newscasters, Oswaldo and Gabriella

Space is Limited

For Information & Registration  or Phone (323) 851-387


“I personally look forward to seeing you there”

 Tony Nassif, Founder & President



*With Special Thanks to Jane and Bert Boeckmann and the Galpin Family of Auto Dealerships

Recently, three girls, missing for ten years were freed from the bondage of the predators. Yesterday, their captor was found dead assumedly by suicide.

As the founder and president of the Preventing Abuse Conferences nationally, I am reminded of the dark information we discovered about abduction and trafficking of children in America. For example, there are pedophile networks abducting children and exploiting them for sex and money. Johnny Gosch was a victim of a pedophile network

Today there are 1,200,000 children reported missing in America EVERY YEAR. Child pornography is the fastest growing on the Internet. The F.B.I. says that we are losing the war on child pornography. One of the greatest elements fueling the crime of human trafficking is the sexualization of the culture. Thus, we need to consider the above when reviewing the plight and rescue of the three survivors from Ohio.

There are some very important points to be made about the abduction, abuse and freedom of these three brave young women and the perpetrator who exploited them.

I want to share some of it now so that we can be informed.

Child abduction has no demographic. These three victims were abducted by someone they knew in a neighborhood they knew and held in a neighborhood they knew.

Victims come from all walks of life. Johnny Gosch was kidnapped while delivering his newspapers in West Des Moines, Iowa. Another young woman was abducted at gun point while walking to her friends house Other children are sold.

These three children were picked up by the perpetrator while Johnny Gosch was stalked and kidnapped and yet recently in Iowa there was a kidnap attempt when a vehicle pulled up, a woman got out, tried to grab the girl, the girl fought back and escaped and the vehicle drives off. Yet these events are not isolated.

The Brainwashing Threats and Intimidation: Upon abduction the children are told many things to isolate them from a desire to be with their family. For example they are told that their parents don’t love them and don’t want them. In many cases they are told that if they try to escape their family will be killed (a favorite of the cartels).

Destroy the Soul: Many of the victims are brainwashed via abuse. For example, one victim was brutally raped by numbers of men after being held in isolation for many days.

In order for the perpetrators to gain complicity of the victim they have to destroy their soul and the will to escape. This comes, in part by destroying the soul, the spirit to live and the “fight”.

Basically, they try to turn their victims into walking flesh without a soul. An “animal” whose obedience is unquestioned.

Stories are coming out of beatings of the three survivors when they would try to escape and other events during their captivity.

Yet, they still had the perseverance, even after ten years, they kept the drive for freedom. Truly they were sustained by God’s mercy and empowered by His Spirit.

Defensive Mechanism of the Victim: In many cases victims will go into a compartmentalization of their mind to deal with the pain inflicted upon them physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Many do not realize that when the sanctity of the human body is violated the soul is ripped apart. The pain is continual no matter how effective other therapies are.

The Spiritual Dynamic: In contemporary America the false notion of separating God from public life opens the chasm of vulnerability to victims of human trafficking.

In reality mankind is a living soul. Our founding fathers established this truth in the Declaration of Independence.

Consequently, no human (physical or psychological) aid can heal the wounded soul. Thus, we have the spiritual dynamic. Only Jesus Christ can enter the womb of the soul and procure divine healing to the spiritual person.

Demonic Dynamic: When you consider what this man has done to these three girls many say he is sick. Others say he is evil. Others give a psycho babel explanation.

As I was sharing the realities of human trafficking and child abduction the government official I was speaking with questioned how someone could do such horrible things.

I responded saying that you could not conceive of this because you are not considering the reality of evil. I continued sharing that there is a real evil with a malevolent hatred toward mankind and especially children. Evil delights in the defilement of the pure and innocent.

Nearly 3000 years ago there was a people who worshipped the pagan god Molech with child sacrifices and orgies. The depravity of man is not new but continuing and requires continued vigilance.

The Reality of Evil:

First, the perpetrator had to plan the abduction,

Carried it out and in spite of the cries of terror and fear of the child he not only continued the bondage but did it for 10 years.

The bondage was not only continued for many years in spite of the cries and attempts for freedom he brutally punished them with beatings when they attempted to escape.

Not only were the girls in bondage for years they were raped even resulting in pregnancy, a child birth and multiple abortions allegedly caused by the perpetrator. (mmm I wonder if the pro aborts are going to come down on his side.)

Adding insult to injury he joins in the prayer vigils exhibiting the evil deception of pretending to be a concerned friend. To me this shows a “dead conscience” and demonic mockery

Thus, it is cruel, evil and malevolent.

What Fueled the Torment? Many now ask: “What can make someone carry out such a heinous crime? Others try to rationalize pointing to the accused claims of being abused.

There are millions of people today that have been abused and are NOT abusers themselves. They deal with their problem and live their life.

Could it be that he delighted in the power, control and sexual gratification of being master over the weak young girls?

There are two primary elements (and others) that are key fuel lines perpetuating sexual exploitation of women and children.

A. Pornography

B. Sexualized culture via fashion, entertainment industry and the cultural collapse of moral paradigms. Standards of right and wrong sexual behavior have disintegrated to where the culture lead by government says “whatever you determine to be right for you is o.k.

This degenerative philosophy has permeated the national consciousness and even the religious community.  For example, there was an attempt to call pedophilia another sexual orientation.  Sex education of children is being taught without paradigms or right or wrong.  15 year olds are allowed morning after pills without parent’s permission or consultation even though they cannot get an aspirin without a parent’s permission.

Prostitution has become normalized in spite of the reality of its relation to human trafficking.

In a speech by Ambassador Luis CdeBaca who leads the US State Department Office to Monitor and Combat Human Trafficking he decried the problems prostitution presents and calls for its abolition.  “There is a need for both a legal and a cultural message that does not tolerate prostitution.”

(Luis Cdebaca August 3 2009

The question begs “why do the buyers purchase the prostitutes? What are the elements fueling it? It is the moral and cultural collapse which normalizes the abnormal and instead of prostitution being a stigma it is becoming “acceptable”.

Prostitution is one of the core roots to the problems of human trafficking and child sexual exploitation.  Child prostitution numbers into the hundreds of thousands of children forced into pornography and prostitution.

As we consider the horrific experience of the three girls recently set free I think of several things.  In addition to the obvious and horrific experiences I ponder the possibility of what could have happened to the little girl.   Could pornography and prostitution of the three girls also been an element to their plight?

Solutions: At our Preventing Abuse Conferences we identify the problems but we focus on the solutions.

Experts tell us to always be aware of our surroundings. If possible never be alone and don’t be in a secluded area.

If accosted then fight. Learn the techniques of escape. One little seven year old did just that when attacked. She was able to escape. When asked how she knew what to do she responded saying it was what her dad taught her.

There is much more that can and is being said. Please attend our next Preventing Abuse Conferences and hear the experts and survivors.

Help us produce our conferences protecting women and children.  Make a donation today at

Or call 323-851-3872.