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May 12, 2024

Foster Parent Spotlight: LaChya

Meet LaChya, a CEDARS-licensed foster parent! LaChya has been making a difference in the lives of children as a foster parent for seven years.  

Having grown up in foster care, LaChya has always known that she wanted to give back to the community by helping other kids who need a second chance and a place to call home. After some time and consideration, she found CEDARS to be the perfect fit for her.  

“CEDARS has been great. They are very supportive and always there to address any issues I’m going through,” she shared.  

Some of LaChya's best memories as a foster parent come from the schools or parents calling her to compliment her work and let her know that she’s doing great in her role. She admits that there are times when she worries about how she’s doing as a foster parent, but having a strong support system has helped her get through it.  

“My favorite part of being a foster parent is seeing a smile on the faces of my foster babies,” LaChya said. “I really enjoy being someone that they can be comfortable with.”  

CEDARS is so thankful for foster parents like LaChya who help us to be here for the kids who need us most. Thank you to our foster parents for serving the kids in our care! 

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